“Thirst-Trip” the New Long Weekend Travel Trend

The human body needs time to rejuvenate so we tend to indulge in activities that are not directly devoted to work or work-related responsibilities. These activities might include anything that allows us to have a perceived freedom that meets our personal needs for reflection, self-enrichment, relaxation, pleasure, and affiliation: leisure. The Psychology of Leisure theory (Neulinger, 1974),  suggests that freedom is a state of mind where one freely chooses to perform an activity--any activity--because one "wants to do it". Let's look at how this theory applies to the new long weekend travel trend: 'thirst trip"!

There are about 100 days between President’s Day and Memorial Day. During these 100 days, many of us might become a little weary and need to quench our desire for a quick getaway. In an article by hotels.com (2023), it mentioned there has been an increase in hotel bookings because people are taking quick excursions to break up the 100 days. Hotels.com coined this as a “thirst trip”! Hmmm, thirst trip...I thought to myself I know what a thirst trap is, but what is a thirst trip? So I continued to read and I tell ya, the information sounded very familiar. According to Hotels.com, a “thirst trip” is a short excursion to break up the no time off until Memorial Day blues. Of course, if you are an educator or parent with school-age children (PreK-12), you might take a vacation during spring break, but what if you don’t fall into this category? That’s right, during these 100 days, most of us are working, working, working, and thinking to ourselves, "I need some time off". Enter, “thirst-trip”!!!

Neulinger (1974) stated that we need leisure time--perceived freedom--away from work or work-related activities for reflection, self-enrichment, and relaxation. Let’s be honest…many of us have been in this situation, or am I the only one? You're probably thinking, so what does a thirst-trip look like? I’m glad you ask because a thirst trip can be as simple as a weekend getaway with girlfriends, frat brothers, sorority sisters, birthdays, anniversaries, or just some 'me' time! A thirst trip can be a local destination, a quick flight in or out-of-state, or even a three-to-five-day beach cruise. Anyways, we all need those thirst trip days to rejuvenate our body, mind, and spirit.

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