"Oreitha, you made our first family trip out of California, the best ever! Thank you for helping us make the decision to visit Washington, D.C., we were amazed at what the area had to offer. Learning about the different monuments in school was one thing but seeing them in person made history come alive for us. Seeing the Martin Luther King, Jr. statue and the African American Museum at the Smithsonian was emotional, especially me. We will be planning another trip soon. Thank you!"

- Debra M.

About Travel P.L.U.S

Travel P.L.U.S. Travel Agency provides quality customer service in hospitality, recreation, and tourism. Specializing in travel itineraries for the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, the United States and Cruising.

As I neared retirement, I shared with my BFF that I would be bored just sitting at home so we brainstormed and like a light bulb, we said travel agent. She said since you like talking to people on a variety of topics, and I replied travel requires research and I enjoy research, so becoming a travel agent it was. But, I just didn't want to be just a travel agent, I wanted to be a darn good travel agent especially since this is going to be my retirement career. So I did what I do and researched how to become a travel agent. There were many organizations that offered paid trainings, including the local community college. I enrolled in the community college's Travel Marketing Program, and two years later, Travel P.L.U.S. was born.

While it’s been a slow process, I have been busy gaining knowledge from some of the top hospitality and travel groups in the United States, and to make sure I stay knowledgeable about the industry, I joined each of those groups. Through my personal experience and knowledge, paired with my academic training, I am confident I can make all your "champagne wishes and caviar dreams" come true (R. Leach, 1994). 

As a hospitality, recreation and tourism professional, my philosophy for Travel P.L.U.S. is:

  • Travel is good for the soul and should not be rushed. Instead travel should be leisurely so you can immerse yourself in the local culture.
  • Travel is transformational and makes us better informed. When we socialize and interact with locals, we gain a deeper understanding of different cultures.
  • Travel should be done sustainably, which means we must  take responsibility of our environmental impact to conserve the environment and sustain the well-being of local communities.

Who We Are


Our mission at Travel P.L.U.S. is to provide every customer with a P.L.U.S. experience. With great passion, we give each customer individualized attention, knowledge, and education to help you take the ordinary to extraordinary.


Curate individualized and innovative travel experiences, connecting people to their destinations.


- Provide the least expensive, most trouble-free travel possible. 

- Treat you the way you expect to be treated.

- Listen to your needs while focusing on the tiniest details

Experience & Accolades

Accessible Travel for individuals with Disabilities
Family ~ Multi-generational ~ Skip-generational
Solo ~ Groups
Gen X, Y & Z
Mature Adults ~ 50+
Certificate Holder as Destination Specialist
Proudly Supporting The Travel Institute

The CTA® designation means a commitment to upholding the highest standards
in the role of trusted travel
 professional. Verify my Designation

Ready to explore the world?

At Travel P.L.U.S. our goal is to make your travel stress free! We offer:

Meet Your Travel Advisor

Hello, I’m Oreitha Perkins, the owner of Travel P.L.U.S. Travel Agency. Unlike some travel advisors, I didn’t have the opportunity to travel with my parents nor did I do a lot of traveling in my early adult life. Instead, I attended school, worked to support my children, and created a stable environment for our family, because as we know, family comes first.

But once middle adulthood hit, I would take weekend trips along the west coast. During my career, I had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States, and instead of leaving right away I would spend an extra day mingling with the locals. Fast forward to 2018, I retired from State service to travel, fell in love with my experiences, and decided it was time to pursue my “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” (Robin Leach, 1994).

My goal is to use my experience in rehabilitation counseling and hospitality, recreation and tourism, to help make all your travel dreams come true. As an independent travel advisor, I have access to resources that enables me to curate your champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Personalized Travel

Personalized services that are completely tailored to your interests.

Itinerary Planning

Together we will create a personalized travel itinerary for you & your needs. 

Unique Experiences

Off-the-beaten track itineraries so you avoid the over touristed destinations.

Travel P.L.U.S. Travel Agency’s goal is to fulfill your “champagne wishes and caviar dreams!" 
(Robin Leach, 1994)

Travel P.L.U.S. Travel Agency is an independent affiliate of Nexion Travel Group